Box of Luosh American made face masks, and a face mask made in USA.
Luosh medical mask infographic with product information with Luosh disposable face mask, a metallic nose bridge, and BFE 99% filter description.
Luosh disposable face masks infographic showing hydrophobic top and bottom layers and secure bond features that provide gentle comfortable fit
Infographic of Luosh face mask made in USA, including an American made logo, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic graphic, and description of comfortable feel and breathability
Luosh USA face masks box of 50 with made in the USA mark
Luosh USA box cover for a 50 pack general purpose single use masks
Box top for 50 piece box Luosh medical masks that are made in the USA
Instructions showing how to use Luosh American Made Face Masks.
Young woman wearing a Luosh disposable mask.  White hypoallergenic medical mask fabric fits her face securely without skin irritation.
Woman wearing a disposable face cover by Luosh outdoors while speaking on a mobile phone.

Face Masks Made In USA | 50 Pack | Free Shipping

Luosh - American Made Face Masks
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Luosh Disposable Face Masks Made In USA
If you are looking for American made masks you will love these! Luosh disposable masks are made in USA from materials sourced direct from U.S. manufacturers, not imported.  Luosh hypoallergenic masks are made in Marietta Georgia.  Our customers tell us everyday that we make the finest American made face masks available anywhere.

  • Luosh USA is FDA Registered - FDA Registration No. 3017075355
  • Rated ASTM Level 3 and Independently Tested By Nelson Labs - Luosh face masks exceed the highest rating requirements for ASTM Level 3. You can read more about our testing data here.

Reliable Quality Means Your Masks Are Safe, Comfortable, And Strong
High quality beautiful white 3 layer masks include a hydrophobic top and bottom layer, that repels moisture and droplets, and a fully-enclosed filter layer. Because we carefully craft our mask with securely bonded over-the-ear elastic ear loop attachments, the ear loops won't break, and provide ease of mask donning, integrity and strength.

Hypoallergenic and Made For Sensitive Skin
Luosh face masks are latex and silicone-free, so you can avoid common skin irritations. No dyes, no inks, no perfumes, and no fiberglass like the imported masks.

Superior Breathability And Comfort So You Forget That You Are Wearing One
If you have been disappointed by stuffy masks that irritate your skin and fog up your glasses, imagine wearing proper protection comfortably hour after hour.  Enjoy our no fog PPE masks that are designed so you can wear them all day in comfort, with or without glasses. You can finally stay cool and have easy breathing. 

People Love Us- See For Yourself
Our customers come back again and again not just for our superior quality, but because we truly care about your experience. Don't take our word for it- read the hundreds of verified 5 star reviews below, or on TrustPilot.

Why You Will Love Luosh Disposable Masks:

  • Outstanding Strength - Secure Bonded Construction That Won't Easily Break
  • Superior breathability - PPE Masks Made for Wearing All Day In Comfort. Cool And Easy Breathing
  • 3-Ply Construction - Silky Smooth Fabrics Feel Fabulous
  • Hydrophobic Outer Layer - Repels Droplets, Moisture, And Airborne Liquids
  • Filter Media Inner Layer - This Is An American Made Face Mask With Filter That Exceeds ASTM Level 3 Requirements - 99.7% Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE)
  • Double-Welded Elastic Ear Loop Attachments - Soft To Touch And Unbreakable
  • Fully Enclosed Bendable Metallic Nose Bridge - Conforms To Your Every Curve
  • Mask Dimensions: 3.7 in. x 7.0 in. (9.5 cm x 17.8 cm)
  • These PPE masks are not intended for medical or clinical use