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Recent Customer Reviews

Joan Moon

The masks are perfect. My granddaughter is a nurse and while her hospital provides masks, they are not for sensitive skin.  The mask and face shield are wreaking havoc on her sensitive skin. 

​The picture is my granddaughter at work.  They are required to wear them (along with gowns and face shields) throughout their eight hour shift.  She finds your mask very comfortable to wear. And I love the fact that they are American made.

Thank you!

Ricky & Cindy

Wonderful quality, the mask fits securely on the face and chin; it stays in place even while talking!

 The soft texture and breathability makes it comfortable to wear even in this warm summer weather.   

 We prefer this mask over our cloth ones.

Great, it’s made in USA too.

Debbie Gilliss

Made in the USA says it all! 

These masks are the best out there.  I have sensitive skin and can wear these without any problems.  Convenient grab and go packaging... each box of 50 masks has 10 sealed mini packs of five masks.  

I have ordered 4 boxes and couldn't be more pleased.  

Thank you!

Colleen Abrie

If you gotta wear one, wear Luosh USA made. Straight out of the pack- no chemical smell or odor unlike ALL the brands from China.

 I've turned all my clients onto this brand. Safe & comfortable while supporting a patriotic business.

Candy Barry

I ordered masks from you and loved them so much that I ordered another box for my elderly parents. 

 They are so comfortable and well made.  I especially love they are made locally!  Thank you for providing such an important product!

Chris Glass

High Quality Masks Made in the USA. Comfortable, professional and great value.

 Thank you.

Michele DeMarre

Good quality, safe and pleasantly breathable.

Ordered 8/15, arrived 8/17 via US Post Office.  Box has several masks packaged together within box, which we liked for sanitary reasons.  Would recommend.

This is a fantastic product. So happy it is offered on Etsy.* 

Lots of things to like.  They are made in the USA; the individualized packaging (five per cellophane slip; they are white rather than blue; latex and silicone free; and it's much easier to breathe with these masks

My only negative was shipping--slow delivery by the post office. But at least they arrived unharmed and they did arrive!!!

* No longer offered on Etsy

Nancy McGough

I got tired of the homemade cloth masks. I  felt like I couldn’t breath in them and after a while they stretched out.

 Finally Broke down and bought these disposable ones; so glad I did. They are great. Fit well, comfortable and breathable. I still use homemade cloth masks for quick stops but definitely use these for longer use.

 I searched a while to find a USA made masks. If we don’t buy US products manufacturers will stop making them then we are dependent on other countries. We pay more because US has minimum wage rates and hopefully workers make more.

 We as workers ourselves we expect that why aren’t some willing to pay for products made By us, our neighbors, fellow citizens.

Theresa Hoy

We have tried several brands of face masks. My wife and I find that the masks from LUOSH USA are far superior to those found on Amazon or Walmart. They are a little bit thicker and a little bit softer. The ear loops seem to be well attached and none have come apart so far.

 They are all white and give the appearance of being cleaner and more sterile. No baby blue or pretty pink. Just white like doctors lab coats. We like the sealed cellophane packages with only five masks per package. This is better than in a box with 20 or 30. The cellophane package will keep them fresh longer. My wife and I switch from using cloth masks to disposable masks like the superior LUOSH USA masks.

 If you’re using a cloth mask you need to wash it every day. Otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk. If you can’t wash your cloth mask every day, put it away and go to LUOSH USA, which gives you the best protection short of a N95 mask. LUOSH USA Masks are 100% made in America.

James Buller

These masks are great! They are American-made, which is a big deal to me!

 They are super soft and do not irritate my face or ears. Customer service is personal, fast, and kind.

 I will keep buying these for as long as I have to wear masks.

Sheri Young

I received my masks last week and after purchasing other brands which were very inferior in comparison , I was so pleased to receive a far superior product.  After wearing them for that week I found not only were these masks comfortable but very well made. 

 I was pleased to know these were made in the United States as I always try to buy things made here as want to support our laborers and our economy.  It really was a pleasure to know they are also well constructed and held up thru a rough day of wearing.  The packaging of three to a sealed plastic kept them clean and safe in my car in case someone else needed one.

​So THANK YOU AGAIN for your masks and I will only order from LOUSH from now on. 

Bob And Shirley

I am so impressed with these face masks! 

I am very selective, and I am disappointed in the materials and workmanship of many other non-cloth face masks - and so very glad to find these face masks that meet my high expectations. 

They are soft, comfortable, and very breathable, with facial coverage exactly where needed, made for sensitive skin, and with soft yet strong ear loop attachments - all just perfect!  And so glad that the face masks are made in the USA! 

The packaging of the face masks is careful and clean. 

Jeremy is a delight to correspond with - giving me such helpful information and very professional. 

I am so pleased with all!

Patricia Wilson

Luosh Customers Describe Their Experience

Now that I have had your masks for awhile now I can't believe how comfortable they are, so much better then the cotton and gaiter masks I had been wearing.  Keep up the good work as will be wearing nothing but these from now on.

Karen Smith

Love that these come packaged in smaller sealed packs! 4 or 5 in each. So great for totes, bags, car etc.

Made in USA was the reason I purchased. 

Will buy again.  Very pleased with masks!

Laura Winland

Masks are a murky business these days. 

These arrived quickly with excellent communication, they are packaged nicely and are soft, clean and white. Well made, no irritation on my sensitive skin. Thank you!

Scarlett Bartlett

The masks are extremely well made.  Love that they're made in the USA.  I highly recommend.

Jeremy from Luosh American Made Face Masks is a pleasure to do business with.  Professional and extremely accommodating.

Joanne Cutrone

Very impressed! And so happy to find disposable masks made in the USA.

 Great customer service!

Kathy Schumacher

FAST SHIPPING! Order arrived 1 full week earlier than expected!

 The masks are divided into sealed packs of 5 which was not expected & will be the reason I return for more! I can stash 5 packs everywhere!

 Very pleasant experience & the product is exactly as described which I was very happy to see

Alyse Cloukey

Great Mask.. Seller was easy to work with and went above and beyond to get my order to me.

Dyan Epps

These masks are superb with great fit & coverage.

Anita Mobley

Love it because it’s well Made In The  USA!

Cato Sandberg

Read What Our Customers Say About Us

ow that I have had your masks for awhile now I can't believe how comfortable they are, so much better then the cotton and gaiter masks I had been wearing.  Keep up the good work as will be wearing nothing but these from now on.

Karen Smith

After so many disappointments trying to get proper quality masks on Amazon or from some retailers this year, I was skeptical ordering from Luosh. But the result has exceeded all expectations! Fast delivery, properly packaged, clean and professionally made! They feel comfortable on my sensitive skin and I feel much better breathing when wearing those in the summer heat vs when wearing blue medical or any fabric masks. I am a perfectionist, so more demanding than an average person... but I am giving 5 stars here. Thanks, Luosh team, I wish all American businesses would respond to this year's challenges with such high quality work as you!


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By far the best face masks I’ve used since this pandemic.

The ear loops are comfortable and literally unbreakable. Best thing about it is these are build right in the US and don't have that weird chemical smell like the others I’ve used.

Hernan Cubillos

I purchased these a few weeks ago and they are awesome.  I have been looking for American made disposable masks since April and had not been able to find them until now! 

Such a blessing as almost all of the others come from China!  I highly recommend! 

Kari Dawson

I was looking for American-made face masks for an event I was hosting.

I'm not only delighted with the product, but the customer service was aMAZing! I needed these quickly and Jeremy went above and beyond to ensure I had my order in time.

My guests were VERY appreciative of these masks, which are particularly good for those with sensitive skin. I highly recommend!!

Rita Walston