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Luosh KN95 Masks

GB2626-2019 Standards

100% Made in USA!

Individually Sealed

$21.99 (40 Pack)

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Adult Face Masks (White || Black)

ASTM Level 3.

100% Made in USA!

Hypoallergenic, Chemical Free

$17.99 (50 Pack)

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Children's Masks ( White || Black)

ASTM Level 3.

100% Made in USA!

Hypoallergenic, Chemical Free

$17.99 (50 Pack)

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Wholesale Face Masks

Hypoallergenic, Black || White

$460 (1600 Masks)

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Synguard Brand medical grade nitrile gloves, latex free, powder free. durable and sturdy. Available in size XL, L, M, S

Nitrile Exam Gloves (XL, L, M, S)

Latex Free, Silicon-Free, Powder Free.

$15.99 (100 Pcs)

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Wholesale Nitrile Exam Gloves

Latex Free, Silicone Free, Powder Free

$129 (1000 Pcs)

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Why Luosh USA?

Disposable Face Masks Made in USA

Luosh USA is a supplier of disposable face masks made in the USA that are premium quality and highly effective. We offer ASTM Level 3–rated face masks in adult’s and children’s sizes. We also carry nitrile exam gloves that are durable, sturdy, and made with high-quality material to offer superior protection. Our products are highly praised throughout the USA, having received a Best Face Mask Made in USA review in New York magazine, a feature on Apple Podcasts, and more. Our products are also available for purchase at Whole Foods Market.

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As above, 5 stars! Product and customer service! I have referred several friends (we're all frontline health care in a hospital setting) because the masks provided by our employer are not hypoallergenic (and my skin under my mask was just getting worse, at one point my chin was so scratched up it was bleeding and I had a full on rash all around my mouth). These masks totally solved the issue. I'm certain I won't be able to talk my employer into changing suppliers (apparently not all of us are created with sensitive skin, thank goodness for that!). But for myself, and my sensitive skinned coworkers, we will continue to order!

Terry Thomas

I discovered that this company was local in the Atlanta metro area.
I made my purchase via the internet, but arranged to pick up my masks at Luosh's office. Upon arrival I was greeted by friendly and professional staff and was offered a tour of their manufacturing facility. I accepted the offer. They have a unique facility that, though small, is well designed, very well constructed to maintain excellent production standards and yet is able to produce a substantial amount of product. From management down, this is a hands on operation.
I have made multiple purchases and recommend this business.

A Hands on Experiences

I am impressed with both the product and customer service received from Luosh USA.
We tried many different masks before discovering Luosh. Now these are the only masks my middle school boys will use. They wear them all day at school and say the masks don't irritate their ears or faces and they can breathe easily. And the packaging is convenient. A box of 50 masks is packed in 10 separately wrapped packages. The boys always keep a package in their backpacks . The added benefit of being made in the USA and very timely delivery make this an excellent choice.

Margaret Brown