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  • All About ASTM

    In this blog post I will talk about why ASTM certifications for face masks are important and what the criteria should mean to you.

  • The Great Ear Loop Dilemma

    We have all experienced ear loops detaching from our masks, and this blog post is here to explain why it happens.
  • A Face Mask Recycling PSA

    In case you weren't aware, most face masks are recyclable. This blog post will tell you why and how to recycle your masks.
  • Face Masks and Sensitive Skin.

    All about why masks can irritate sensitive skin, and why ours work so well for people who have it.
  • The Anatomy of our Surgical 3 Ply Face Mask.

    This blog post covers the construction, quality, and anatomy of our face masks and why we think they are the best.