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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are your masks made in the USA?
    1. Yes, our factory is located in Marietta Georgia about 20 minutes north of Atlanta
  2. Are your masks made with domestic materials?
    1. Yes, every component is domestically sourced from high quality manufacturers
  3. Do you make N95 masks?
    1. We are currently producing cup-style respirators that have not received the N95 designation but are made with high quality materials. We are in the process of obtaining NIOSH approval for them so they can be named N95.
  4. Do your masks contain fiberglass?
    1. No, our masks are completely free of fiberglass.
  5. Do your masks contain chemicals?
    1. Technically yes since the definition of a chemical is the bonding of atoms to create a compound. Our masks are made with polypropylene which is the second most common plastic compound in the world and is completely safe. We do not have any additional compounds/chemicals in our masks.
  6. What are your masks made of?
    1. Spunbond polypropylene and meltblown polypropylene both of which are  the same type of plastic with different extrusion processes.
  7. Are your masks latex free?
    1. Yes, we use spandex as the elastic material in our ear loops
  8. What ASTM level are your masks?
    1. All of our masks are certified as ASTM level 3 offering the highest amount of protection
  9. Are your masks hypoallergenic?
    1. Yes. We manufacture our masks in an ISO 7 cleanroom to ensure that they are as clean as possible while using materials that are gentle on skin
  10. Can you put in an order for me manually?
    1. Yes of course, please reach out to us at (844) 385-2472
  11. Do you have a coupon for Veterans, Healthcare Workers etc?
    1. Yes, the coupon code is:
  12. I haven’t received tracking for my order
    1. Please send us your order number or first and last name at or call us at (phone number here) 
  13. I received the wrong color mask, can you replace it?
    1. Of course, we will ship you the correct color and a return label for the other box.
  14. What is the shelf life of your masks?
    1. Our masks are good for two years from the date of purchase. We do not keep long term stockpiles of our masks so you can always be assured that the masks you receive were manufactured recently.
  15. What is the correct way to wear the mask?
    1. The mask should have the nose bridge on the top and the pleats facing downward on the outside. However, the mask is equally effective regardless of which side is facing outward
  16. Do you all do wholesale orders?
    1. Yes, please reach out to us at
  17. How long have you been in business for?
    1. Melody and Jeremy Briggs began the business in April 2020 in response to a need for quality face masks made in USA at the beginning of the covid pandemic
  18. Do you have childrens masks?
    1. Yes, we have children’s masks in both black and white
  19. Do you make KN95s?
    1. We will be starting KN95 production in mid-May
  20. I have a defect in my masks, can I return them?
    1. We strive to produce the best masks but accidents do happen and we are always happy to process a refund or exchange
  21. I really enjoy your products and want to support your business, how can I help with that?
    1. We appreciate all of our customers and the best things they can do for us is share your experiences with your family and friends and write us an honest review on google
  22.  The ear loops on my last order were too tight, is it possible to get longer ear loops made?
    1. We understand people come in all shapes and sizes and if we can alter our product for you to make it fit better, then we are happy to do so. Please reach out to us at
  23. Your masks are too large for my face, what should I do?
    1. We recommend trying out our kids/youth mask line which features a mask that is a couple of inches shorter than our adult mask. Faces come in all shapes and sizes and we believe you should wear what fits you best.
  24. Are you registered with the FDA?
    1. Yes, our FDA registration number is: No. 3017075355
  25. I’m not sure about your masks, is there any way I can try them out?
    1. We understand healthy skepticism and we want to make you a believer so we are always happy to mail you a sample of our product. Whether it’s to see if they fit you correctly, are easy on your skin, or wear as good as they look, reach out to us at and tell us what you want to try.